28 February 2009


in a desperate attempt to keep my brain in the off position when in comes to the guy that i'm seeing i am spending all my free time drawing/painting/reading/sleeping/watching pointless tv shows online. lame i know, but i'm running out of better ideas with a bank account at zero right now. i have a very long list of photos to upload depicting my recent distractions....but i need to wait for my ghetto camera's ghetto batteries to charge. i am very grateful for my hand-me-down digital, but by no means do i like the device.

this is a sketch that i did about a year ago for a painting that i just started last night. it has taken me so long to get around to painting the sketch because i was hoping that i would be able to do it in oil which is my passion, but i still don't have the ventilation to do oil without killing my pets. so acrylic here i come.

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